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Pirehill First School


Phonics and Reading​

Early Literacy Skills at Pirehill First School



In Reception the children are taught phonics on a daily basis. Staff ensure that phonic sessions engage the children in active learning by using a range of different multi-sensory activities and games. They utilise the DFE Letters and Sounds Guidance and also incorporate Jolly Phonics.

Daily phonic sessions continue throughout Key Stage 1 using the same active learning and multi-sensory approach.


Reading Scheme

At Pirehill we operate a ‘colour banded’ reading scheme which allow the children to access a range of different fiction, non-fiction and poetry books at each band and incorporates a range of different reading schemes within each reading band.



Children’s spelling skills are taught through phonics based and key word activities. At the appropriate time the children are provided with between three and twelve words to learn at home and they are tested on a weekly basis.