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Curriculum Statement


From September 2014 Pirehill First School implemented the New National Curriculum and planning documents reflect the new considerations.


First and foremost, we believe in teaching a creative curriculum where children learn, practise, discuss, develop and refine a wide range of skills throughout their work. The children are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt and consider how these skills can be applied to different subjects and to actual real life situations.

Our main focus is on developing a range of skills in English and Mathematics.


Teaching and learning also takes place through a varied range of exciting topics. Our aim is to provide the children with a relevant and enjoyable experience which can extend and nurture their curiosity about the world in which they live. We place a great emphasis on the skills of questioning, communication and observation. 


We believe in giving the children exciting opportunities which make links between different subjects.

Please visit your child's year group page for further information about the curriculum areas your child will focus on.