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We have an excellent reputation in sports and participate in a number of Festivals and Tournaments throughout the year. The school prides itself in trying to be the best that we can be, but good sportsmanship and maximium participation is key!

We are keen that every child should be able to swim and take the children To Alleynes High School Swimming Pool each week.


We enjoy participating in the local cricket and hockey festival!

We also enjoy the football and bucket ball festivals.

What school would be without their annual sports day!

May 2016 - Girls football tournament

June 2016 - Boys football tournament

Archery - Year 3 and after school club

Visit from The Dogs Trust

Sports day

Year 4 Bucket ball team competition

May 2017 - Stone Pyramid football tournament

November 2017 - New lunchtime equipment from the Sainsburys vouchers

April 2018 - Bucket ball festival

May 2018 - Boys football tournament

May 2018 - Gotta Dance show