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Pirehill First School


URGENT Tuesday 5 January

Please do not send your child in to school tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January) unless you are a clearly identified key worker from the Government list (see link below) and are required to work tomorrow. Your child may also attend if they have a current EHCP or have a social worker and therefore class as vulnerable; please adhere to the usual drop off and collection times for your child’s year group for tomorrow. As in the previous lockdown I cannot stress strongly enough that if you are able to make provision at home for your child, you MUST do so. As a school, we need to do all we can to keep the children safe. This cannot happen if there are a large amount of pupils coming in to school. I am asking every parent to be responsible and only use the school if you have to, and not because you can or if it is just the easier option.


Could I please ask all parents who feel that their child needs a school place throughout this national lockdown to send their email request to by 10am tomorrow morning. You need to clearly state in your email why your child requires a school place by explaining your Key Worker role. If you have already sent in your request but not clearly identified your key Worker role could I please ask that you resubmit your request. The clarity of your request is extremely important as we may not be able to accommodate all requests and attendance at school tomorrow does not guarantee your child a Key Worker place or place them above others on the list whose parents may not be working tomorrow, therefore, I do urge you to only send your child to school tomorrow if you have absolutely no alternative. 


I am extremely saddened that we will not be able to welcome everyone back to Pirehill as planned tomorrow, however, as a team we are absolutely committed to your child’s learning and you will receive a further email tomorrow to explain how we will do this effectively through remote learning.


Stay safe everyone!

Karen Williamson-Smith